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What is VoIP?
VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or the transmission of voice data over the internet, as opposed to old-fashion fyber-optics/analog lines. All you need is a simple internet connection (usually Ethernet, depending on phone model - sometimes Wi-Fi), and a power supply, and your VoIP phone is operable.
What is "HD Phone"?
Wideband audio, also known as wideband voice or HD voice, is high definition voice quality for telephony audio, contrasted with standard digital telephony "toll quality". It extends the frequency range of audio signals transmitted over telephone lines, resulting in higher quality speech.
Can I keep my current number(s)?
You can port your existing numbers! All we need is a valid LOA to get started on the process.
How much are services?
Each customer's need is different, so for comprehensive pricing, please consult with our Sales (855) 563-iNET department to tailor a solution that's right for you.
Do you have Remote Solutions?
Working from home? iNet Communications has a few solutions that can assist you. You should be able to take your office phone home and plug it into any viable source of internet (possibly even using Wi-Fi, depending on your model), as well as a power source, and it should function exactly as it does at your office. If that isn't feasible, we do also offer an app soultion that can be downloaded to your Windows or iOS system, as well as your mobile tablet or phone. See ReachUC page for more information.
What if I'm moving?
You should easily be able move your devices to a new locatoins, as long as you have a comparable Internet connection and power. Please let us know so that we can update your 911 location and billing information in our system.
Is ReachUC an extra cost?
Every user with a physical phone has access to ReachUC. See the ReachUC page for login information. If you need a ReachUC mobile solution, as opposed to a physical phone, that is also possible, but there is still a monthly charge for that seat (line). Ask a Sales representative for more information.
Can I use an analog device, like a Fax Machine or Paging System?
In most cases, yes! iNet can provide you (possible additional costs) with an ATA, or, Analog Telephone Adapter, that parses transmission data of your analog system, to be able to interact with out digital VoIP system. Ask a representative for more information.
My phone isn't working, what do I do?
An inital step would be to reboot your phone, by power-cycling (removing power source and re-engaging) your device. If it still seems to be malfunctioning, checking for an internet connection would be the next step. If your internet is working completely fine, you can call (855) iNET-NOC, try out Troubleshooting Wizard or submit a ticket to our NOC (network operations center), HERE.

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