PBX Inventory Sheet

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For main contact. This user will be set as the Office Manager for this account.

Main Contact


Here you'll add users, their extensions and their email, for voicemail (VM) notifications. If this particular extension will not receive notifications and/or voiemails at all, simply enter None. You may also enter their Role, which will assert certain permissions, when logged into the online PBX. You can also set a user to be entitled to use the ReachUC mobile/desktop app. For security, it is not enabled by default.

Even if you've listed the Office Manager above as Main Contact, please don't forget to list them here.

Name Extension E-Mail User Role ReachUC Add/Del


Here you'll add numbers that you may have already, that need to be ported to our network. Please include the address and area code for each number's physical location (ex. 123 Main Ave, Ste 112A, 00112). No need to include City/State. If all numbers are at one location, you can use "(quotation) for subsequent numbers in the 911 Address & Caller ID Name, for your convenience.

Number(s) to be PORTED 911 Street Address Caller ID Add/Del


Need an Auto Attendant (AA)? Need a couple of them? Here you can add the AA type, hours and script. Our voice talent will record your message and implement it accordingly. Please enter information, that need not be recorded, in parenthesis. See example below

"Thank you for calling iNet Communications. For sales, please press 1 (ext 100). For technical support, please press 2 (ext 101). To leave a message please stay on the line." (to VM ext 110)

Name AA Script Type Operation Hours Add AA


In plain words, tell us how your call flow(s) should operate. If you have multiple numbers, you can add additional Call Flows for each. If all of your numbers follow the same Call Flow, just write All in the Associated Number input. For multiple, but not all numbers, please separate with a comma (i.e. 8005551212, 8887771212 *dashes not necessary*).

Here's a Call Flow example below

"Calls should come in on the main line, go to the Daytime AA, if unanswered, from ext 103 or 104, ring the AA again. From exts 100-102, they should be able to leave a VM in their corresponding mailbox. After hours, the Night AA should be employed. All calls should go to the General Mailbox (ext 100) if unanswered after hours. At lunch, 12:pm-1:30pm, please forward all calls to our answering service at: 877-555-1234. From 5:pm Friday, to 8:am Monday, please employ the Night AA."

Associated Number(s) Call Flow Operation Hours Add Call Flow